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Washington Lawyer
Rates & Specs 

Four Color Rates

2-Page Spread: $11,850 (6x Rate Times 2) 
Cover: Page rate + 20% 

Other Premiums
Premium Position:
10% | Center Spread: 15% 


Two-Page Spread

16.75" x 10.5" 

Full Page

7.5" x 9.7" 

Half-Page Horizontal

7.5" x 4.7" 

Third-Page Vertical

2 .4" x 9.5" 

Quarter Page

3 .6" x 4.7" 

* Trim size: 8.375" x 10.5"     Bleed: 1/8” from all sides 

Copy and Artwork Submission
  • Please go to to submit files. 

  • Please supply only a print-ready PDF file. We cannot accept any native application file formats (i.e., MS Word, InDesign, Publisher) or any other file format. PDF must be a hi-res, print-ready file. All raster images should be 300 dpi. All fonts must be embedded. 

  • Do NOT include any printer’s marks, such as crop marks, registration marks, etc., on your PDF ad file. 

  • Do NOT include a bleed with fractional ads. 

  • Color ads must use CMYK color only. RGB color or spot colors (e.g., Pantone colors) are NOT acceptable. We cannot guarantee an exact color match. 

  • Materials that are not properly prepared may be subject to additional production charges. 

  • Ads must be submitted in the exact size they are to appear. The publisher is not responsible for printing errors due to incorrect file preparation. 

Materials Contact:  Stephanie Frank, 410-584-1935


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