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Sponsored content in the Washington Lawyer helps you reach a national audience of attorneys like never before!

Sponsored Content in
The Washington Lawyer

Placed within the award-winning publication, your content will be featured alongside the content D.C. Bar members value from the association and their peers. Take this exclusive opportunity to create and display your content, in order to establish your company as a thought leader in the industry, help generate quality leads, establish unparalleled credibility, and build your brand as a name that attorneys can trust.


Total Investment: $7,500

  • Includes exclusive sponsored content article (up to 1,000 words)

  • Sponsored content advertisers are eligible for a 15% discount towards standard advertising in the Washington Lawyer, to be used in the same calendar year as sponsored content

Promotions of your content include:

  • One exclusive placement in the Washington Lawyer issue of your choice, which will appear in both print and digital format

  • One social media post by the D.C. Bar promoting the Washington Lawyer magazine issue and your content topic on appropriate D.C. Bar social media properties linking to digital format and with sponsor tagged in post

Content and Submission Guidelines
  • The article must be submitted in final format; D.C. Bar retains the right to edit and approve content before publishing/posting

  • Advertiser agrees that content should focus on information, findings, or case study in an objective way that both benefits and informs the audience

  • The content presented should not promote a company, product, or service

  • Content should have a general benefit to D.C. Bar members and related professionals and have editorial merit

2024 Submission Deadlines

Jan/Feb Issue | 11/13/23

July/August Issue | 5/13/24

Mar/April Issue | 1/12/24

Sept/Oct Issue: 7/11/24

May/June Issue | 3/11/24

Nov/Dec Issue | 9/11/24

Materials Contact: Stephanie Frank | 410-584-1935 | 

Interested in a mix of print
and digital advertising options?

A Media Package is your best way to gain maximum exposure to the D.C. Bar audience throughout the year. 


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