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Bar Bulletin

Delivered ONCE a week! 

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About Bar Bulletin

Sent once a week to over 110,000 subscribers, the Bar Bulletin keeps members up-to-date with the latest Bar information, court news, judicial notices, and tips to stay well-balanced, informed, and at the top of their fields. 

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Bar Bulletin Banners

Per issue price of $1,250

175 x 175 smart content block image;
Word count: 60-100 words, including a tagline, body, and CTA.

Frequency: 1x a week; Deployed on Tuesdays.

1 Month



2 Months



3 Months



Over 110,000 subscribers with a 30% open rate!

Inventory: 2 banner ads (top & bottom)

Top Banner Specs

600x80 pixels, JPG, PNG,
or  GIF Click-through URL 

Bottom Banner Specs

600x150 pixels, JPG, PNG,
or  GIF Click-through URL 

Materials Contact: Stephanie Frank | 410-584-1935 | 


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