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D.C. Bar Sponsored Podcasts

D.C. Bar Communities Podcasts are a unique way for your company to convert a highly engaged audience into loyal customers.

About Sponsored Podcasts

Each podcast allows your company to reach a targeted audience of attorneys who are like-minded in a way that captures their attention and creates a unique brand experience. 

Listening Platforms
Podcast Analytics

* All figures represent percentages

Sponsorship Opportunity

Pick the audience you want to target and the month you want to reach them 

Single Topic Sponsorship (one sponsor per podcast) 


  • A 30 second pre-roll advertisement (script to be provided in advance and approved by D.C. Bar) 

  • Thank-you to our sponsor announcement at end of podcast 

  • Company description listed on podcast page 

  • 4 sponsored social media posts pre/post-podcast 

  • 1 banner ad to be included in digest email to relevant communities based on podcast topic (728x90 pixels)  

Who You'll Reach:
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The D.C. Bar’s main podcast, Brief Encounters, is the primary podcast series for all 21 communities Brief Encounters and features exclusive interviews with program speakers. 

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Let’s Brief It is the D.C. Bar’s podcast made for law students, by law students. Featuring interviews with industry professionals, private practitioners and government officials, this podcast is the best way for you to reach and target law students within the D.C. area. 

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